1. Most of what you'll design is already there. 2. Ask the contractor. 3. Work quickly. 4. Precision for freedom. 5. Don't try to do everything at once. 6. Be clear and seek clarity 7. Use less references. 8. Exercise. 9. Take photos, write and draw a lot. 10. It's okay to think of architecture as media. 11. Be brave. 12. Own books and make your own. 13. You’re already better than your heroes, so compete with them instead of the people around you. 14. Wear a uniform. 15. Put materials in the correct order. 16. Consider the supply chain. 17. Architecture lasts longer than you probably want. 18. Design while the sun is still out. 19. Don’t talk shit. 20. Listen to everyone. 21. Nature is more beautiful than architecture. 22. Don’t get really good at anything. 23. Things change, don’t worry. 24. Produce freedom for those without it.